Monday, 30 July 2012

While you were sleeping

These little creatures have all been sitting in my sewing basket for six months waiting for my attention.
Baby's foot had fallen off, Ellie's ear was hanging by a thread and little Bear had lost an eye.

So, tonight I sat alone downstairs listening to the gentle snores of those above me, and stitched them all back together, thinking of their respective owners (and owners-to-be) as I did so, thinking that this is what motherhood is really about, the quiet work behind the scenes. It seemed symbolic tonight that I had these three things ready to fix and that each belongs to a different child.

It's too easy in the bustle of the day to lose sight of my girls when they're right in front of me all the time, so it seems important every now and then to do something like this, for them, with them in mind; something that they will appreciate me having done without them needing to show their appreciation in any way other than to reclaim their lost toy/mitten. Tomorrow I will appreciate them even more because I've taken this time without them to concentrate on a tiny act of love for them.


  1. so beautifully said and so true. sweet x

  2. hi chloe.
    thxs for following over at mine.
    cornwall... haven't been for the longest time...


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