Friday, 6 July 2012

Tractors, steam trains and canal boats!

Gosh we did a lot last weekend!

Cobbled streets in Dunster

It was Granny's birthday weekend so off to Stroud to meet up with everyone for a stroll round town then meal out.

Sunday we had free tickets to the Cotswold Show in Cirencester which was quite tiring for little ones with so many people and such mud!! Lots of old and new farm equipment on show, horse riding and monster trucks!

A funny thing which belted out music at full blast!

Then Monday we went to Blooms in Gloucester, which as well as being a garden centre (I wore blinkers) has a free soft play area for the kids! yay! And then we went from there to the National Waterways Museum, which was pretty boring for the girls until we got to the end where there was the most fantastic working model of a canal with three different locks which you could open and close to let boats through... it doesn't sound that great but we all played with it for about half an hour and would have carried on if the museum hadn't been about to close! Got back soaked and happy!

The museum is housed in one of the many original warehouses, now Grade II listed buildings

Church near the museum

Then instead of driving straight back home on motorways we took a detour over Exmoor and on the way noticed a steam train going through the fields by us so we stopped in the next village called Williton but sadly had just missed two trains.

Road over train tracks but no way of knowing if a train's coming!?
Finally we stopped near Dunster Castle for food in the village, we ate in a splendid cafe crammed with plants, it was amazing! No pics of the caf as I had my hands full feeding myself and Tula...


 The journey home took a good six hours longer but well worth it :-)

Need a rest after all that!!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, fabulous photos (especially loving the stained glass)!

  2. Great isn't it? I always find churches fantastic places to be in even though I'm not even vaguely religious, so it was really good to find such original artwork inside.


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