Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hospital art

We took Tula in for one of her appointments last week (see my other blog tulalulabelle to find out why) and went to a floor we haven't been to before and found these two amazing artworks:

Some details:

Milly with her 'suitbag'

Sadly I only had my phone with me so the pictures aren't great, plus I felt a bit of a lemon standing in the corridor snapping away whilst nurses and doctors bustled past me... next time I'll take my camera, thermos and sarnies of course ;-)

There didn't seem to be any signatures or titles for either of the pieces, so I don't know if it was one seamstress or a group work, but the details on all of the squares was just fantastic. Milly especially liked this little robin! It's funny isn't it, how people stop noticing their surroundings after a while until it becomes odd to be seen appreciating something that to them is literally just wallpaper.

Talking of surroundings, we moved all our furniture round in our living room this evening and lordy, it feels fantastic! I'll get some pics in daylight, though I don't have any 'before' shots to compare, so you'll have to trust me when I say it really is so much better. We picked up a new sofa today on Freecycle, which is what inspired the change.

I say picked up, but what we actually did was pick it up and then fling it all over the road on the way home because Jude forgot to tie it down in the trailer. Oops! So it now has a rather fetching dent in the arm which I'll have to patch some day... Luckily no-one but the sofa was injured.

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