Monday, 23 July 2012

Bring on the colour!

Crazy patchwork is coming along. I felt the need for some colour after having been knitting with cream for so long and this is just the thing: it's my version of crazy. This is the first length of squares stitched together. They still needs lots of embellishment and I'm not confident enough with my stitching to make a huge impact on it yet, but it will come. I've made a start, that's the main thing. Perhaps I shouldn't have taken the photos in this blinding sunshine as the colours look quite weedy here.

First day on my own with the girls (minus Jess who's in France with Granny) out of our usual routine, and I'm feeling really frustrated. Every time I get close to getting Tula to sleep Milly wakes her up: result, grumpy baby who NEEDS her sleep, grumpy mum who NEEDS a break, and grumpy Mil, who isn't getting enough attention and doesn't like ANYTHING, but follows me round the house all day rather than being outside in this wonderful sunshine. What's so frustrating is that when I do give her my full attention and we do an activity together she gets bored within five minutes. Terrible twos.

So I'm pleased we managed to do this together today: cutting up old artwork to make into birthday cards.

I might add a little more to them to finish them off before we send them. Maybe Milly will return to them and add some herself if I leave them around a bit longer. She is drawing lovely stick people at the moment with incredibly long arms and stilt-legs.

Jess's stick figures always have very lovely smiles! Funny how similar the drawings are despite the two-year age gap. 

Back to the constant breastfeeding.... in the shade :-(

Never mind, one year I'll get to do what I want in the garden and at the sewing machine.... and we might have more than one week of sun then!! Oh, everything is better in sunshine :-)


  1. Loving your crazy patchwork, and your childrens drawings are delightful, we have long stick legs here too!

  2. Thanks Tallulah! Kids have such freedom in their creativity, it can be so inspiring :-)


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