Jacob's Ladder Quilt

Hand-pieced, hand stitched and to be hand-quilted. Needless to say, an ongoing project.

Beginnings, Middles, Pattern emerging

Sunshine Quilt - started 1st Feb, completed 12th February 2013

1st layout, top pieced, quilted finish

Knitted sampler blanket

A present for my Mother-in-law, this blanket took much longer than anticipated to finish! At time of writing still just over half a strip to knit.

Conquering the first square, first stripprogress,  laid outstarting to sew strips together,

Chair Mending

Crazy Patchwork

Another project that is very far from completion, but gets a little tickle every now and then. Not a very conventional crazy patch....


Inspired by the wonderful Hoola Tallulah's original design, this was my interpretation, and has since been well used for all my needle projects.

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