Saturday, 15 October 2011

Walking in sunshine and a tiny flutterby

After the painting session this morning we all went out for a lovely walk in the woods and Jude spotted this pretty little butterfly - the tiniest I've ever seen! I've just found out it's a small copper.

The girls had a great time, got completely covered in mud and had a good run around. We didn't fare so well on the foraging front as the squirrels have had all the hazlenuts and none of the sweet chestnuts were ripe enough to bother with... we did find lots of haycorns though!

And yes, this is a pic of Milly LICKING Jude's head - don't ask...

Then when we got back Jess and I created this out of the paintings from yesterday:

which Jess was really pleased with, as she's been waking up every morning for the last three days wanting to cut out the fish! Good day had by all :)


  1. fab picture :) where did you go for a walk...anywhere worgh visiting? we are always looking for child friendly walks! love judes expression whils Mil is licking his hair..brilliant! oh, just remembered but I'll be out monday morning but weds n thurs I should be about x

  2. We went into the woods off the A38 on the way to Bodmin, it's all forestry commission and there's a little footpath to the side, really gorgeous :) catch u next week lovely x

  3. Thanks Phyllis! As I said in the post, I can't really take any credit for the idea as it was copied from Jane Hissey's book, but it did turn out well :) All Things Beautiful has sooooo much information on it, it's a real treasure-trove!


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