Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Green Tomatoes

This is the last but one crop of tomatoes from the greenhouse. They seem to be taking forever to ripen up (I'm guessing that's due to lack of sunshine) so I've had enough and plan to turn them into Green Tomato Marmalade, which can be found here. I have to leave it all overnight to 'macerate' apparently, so I'll let you know how it goes. This year I grew plum tomatoes, two kinds of cherry toms, marmandes (the lumpy-looking one middle left in the basket) and tigerellas (stripey). Next year I'm not sure I'll do as many if I grow any at all. As nice as fresh toms are, they're very hungry and time-consuming to grow, so with baby no. 3 due in March I don't think I'll have time.

macerate |ˈmasəˌrāt|
verb [ trans. ]soften or break up (something, esp. food) by soaking in a liquid.• [ intrans. become softened or broken up by soaking.archaic cause to grow thinner or waste away, esp. by fasting.

Last night I started composing the third piece of the white quilt, but it hasn't come together as easily as the first two, so I'm wondering if it's a sign I need to be getting on with something else for a bit instead. Sometimes I think it's a good idea to just let a project sit for a while so that you can come back to it with a fresh brain. I do have plenty of other things I keep meaning to finish, and of course there is still the allotment which needs to be dealt with before winter sets in for good. There is one last window for sowing seeds in the Autumn before the big wait until Spring (which will be a busy time anyway) and I've already run out of time for a few things I had wanted to do, so I have to get going with peas and beans for a nice early Spring crop.

This morning I sorted out all the girls clothes into boxes to put into the cupboard in Jess's room, which Jude has built new shelves for at last, which was very satisfying. I always collect stacks of clothes for when they're older (as well as keeping everything no. 1 has worn to pass down) and every now and then it just needs a good sort out so I can actually get to them when they're needed. My lovely friend passes on anything she can't use as well so it all usually ends up just piled up any old how, so it's a real relief to have some order to it all. At the end of the day there is WAY too much - more than they could ever wear - but I can't bear to donate it Just In Case. Left to my own devices I'm a terrible hoarder anyway, so it's even worse with a family.

So - on with the curtains! Gosh, my life's exciting ;)


  1. Tigerella's look amazing, love the name...a possible baby name perhaps!!! ;) Ive never managed to grow tomotatoesm, every year for the last few years I swear I wont bother...then I do and faff about with seedlings, watering, feeding only to end up killing them by forgetting to water them..doh anyways, me thinks you will be busy this spring with your new crop of baby! Let me know what your up to with beans n peas and the I can have a go too. cheers bird x

  2. Hmm, reminds me of Barbarella! Can't see Jude going for it, somehow :( Peasnbeans.... you need to make sure they're the right kind for Autumn sowing - I think they're called First Earlies. I've got Feltham First (dwarf) and Douce Provence peas, Super Aqualdulce & The Sutton (dwarf again) broad beans. You're welcome to have some to try - I never understand why seed manufacturers put soooo many seeds in a packet, I'll never use them all in time! They can all be sown from now & then again in March. Apparently winter-sown crops (flowers too) are stronger and more productive. Be interesting to find out! Let me know if you want seeds x


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