Monday, 3 October 2011

A spot of sunshine

It never stops amazing me just how much difference a bit of sunshine can make. We've had glorious weather here for the last couple of days and as a result have spent most of the time at the beach, the nearest one to us being about 20 minutes away. We've had a lovely time! It should set us up nicely for the dark days ahead.... I do wish we lived in a more temperate climate, and whilst I could never cope with the incessant sunshine of say, California, just a few months of real summer would make us all happy.

Jude hasn't heard back from his last job interview, so I'm guessing he didn't get it. I don't mind, it's so nice having him at home, though he, I know, would prefer to be earning. The new car we bought for £600 seems to be OK apart from an odd suspension-y noise and a little smoke. The girls think it's great - it's our funbus! - and they love just playing in it on the drive, so if it does turn out to be a lemon, we'll just park it up in the allotment and they can play in it up there!

I've been meaning to make some curtains for our front room for a while now, especially as the nights are starting to draw in. I've had some lengths of fabric which I made when I was first given my sewing machine earlier this year just sitting around waiting to be put together but haven't got round to doing anything more with them, so any day now I fully intend to get cracking with it... but I've been feeling so lazy lately, that sitting and handsewing seems a much easier propositon. I still have loads of things I need to do in the allotment - it's such a mess up there - but again, it seems like hard work at the moment!


  1. hello and welcome! I think I jinxed the weather today when I optimistically packed the car and thought I'd pick M up from school and head to the beach...only to find that the sunshine dissapeared as I got towards the coast and the cold fog set in!! boo raah! We wee at the beach Saturday and had a last summer bbq with the folks yeaterday, it was gorgeous!
    I really wouldnt describe you as lazy goodness, kids, pets and pregnancy is enough to run anyone ragged! Take it easy while you can...enjoy xxx (ps you will get completely addicted to blogging for the first few months!! There are so many lovely folk to meet!)

  2. I thought i would leave a comment! i am not a blogger myself but i do enjoy Karen Turner's work and i noted your comment, so dropped by for a sticky beak.
    Sunny days are special , i live in Sydney and am feeling hard done by because it is cloudy and 18 celcius

  3. Hi Liz, thanks for dropping by! This is my first foray into the blogging world and it's very exciting.... I love Karen's work, she's such an inspiration. Her work has such subtlety and beauty and she seems to produce so much! Weather-wise, we're back to normal again today (minus the rain) but at least we made the most of the brief burst of sunniness! :)


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