Monday, 3 October 2011

Current project is all white

This is the latest project I've started, which I'm hoping will end up being a sort of lap-quilt, which could just sit on top of a bed more as decoration than of practical purpose. I've made it with a view of giving it to my MIL for Christmas: whether it'll be anywhere near complete by then I've no idea! It's made up of lots of little scraps of lace and various fabric, including a little bit of knitted mohair on the right, which is all stitched together on a plain backing. The idea is to have lots of layers, some more visible than others and maybe to incorporate some kind of text somewhere within it all. I like the idea of having a piece of work that can take hours of looking at and still give. This is the first time I've tried to make anything like this, even though I've been collecting pieces for it for ever, it seems! It's also the first piece of proper embroidery I've attempted, so I've learnt a lot of stitches already - fly stitch, fancy buttonhole, fern, blanket. As I get more confident, I may put some bolder stitching over the top, but the priority so far has been just to fix the pieces together.

Edit: I have to say, I am totally indebted to the lovely Karen Turner at Stitching Life, whose beautiful work never fails to inspire me, for getting started on this, despite it having been simmering in my brain for years... as without having seen her work I would never have got going. Ta! :)


  1. Thanks for the mention! I'm delighted to see you start this lovely project. Good luck with your quiet stitching; it will make a marvellous gift.

  2. Aw thanks, and how apt that my first ever comment on this newbie baby blog is from you :)


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