Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Giant Carrots

These are the carrots I pulled from the allotment yesterday. As you can see they're enormous! There's something a little wrong with the one on the right: I'm tempted to assume it's club-root as it looks so apt, but I'll have to look it up. If it is, it means I have to be really consistent with crop rotation. I've no idea what kind they are - possibly Autumn King, but really not sure - the allotment is almost impossible to navigate with overgrown squashes sprawling everywhere, and the debris of all the summer-flowering stuff that's come to an end, and as result I didn't even realise I was standing on top of some of these until I parted the greenery.... I originally had every intention of keeping the veg area nice and tidy, everything in pretty rows, but what with having knee surgery in May and then getting pregnant in June, followed by 3 months of nausea, everything has fallen into chaos.

Any day now I intend to get back to work up there and get clearing and sowing.

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