Monday, 1 October 2012

Knitting progress, unPinning and um, backing-up

Well, I'm having (another) break from the damn blanket.... and have taken up a new personal challenge: knitting in the round! Ages ago I picked up a collection of needles and amongst them were a set of double-pointed needles which I had never used before and now finally I've discovered how to use them. I'm following a pattern found on Pinterest for some fingerless mittens, having been coveting a pair from Toast for some time which are beyond my means to purchase. They aren't quite as I would like, as the ones I had in mind had a pretty cable pattern, but I figure if I practice on these, I should eventually be able to work out a pattern of my own.

Five needles is bloody tricky!! That's all I can say. I've had to undo/redo several times and I haven't even got to the wrist yet! 

I figure, unlike the blanket which will be big enough to hide most of the smaller mistakes, these will show up every little detail, so I'm trying to be extra careful. Hard to do when you have to grab some time inbetween kiddoes to get it done! I'm using a 70/20 acrylic/wool blend which I found at the carboot a couple of weeks ago. Ideally I'd love to be knitting with some yummy merino, but hey, beggars and all that.
I adore Pinterest; I've always been a scrapbooker, collecting images from magazines and making collages or just keeping them as idea sparkers, so it's right up my street! However, the biggest danger with it is that you can easily end up Pinning endlessly without ever using any of the beautiful things that you find. It's mesmerising that way. So, I have decided to un-Pin some of the things I've found, by printing them out and working my way through the ones that seem usable.

Here's one of my kiddie/crafty pages... Feel free to come and have a look at my boards to see if anything inspires you! Let me know if you would like an invite to join, but I warn you now, you may blame me later for all that lost time spent Pinning!

In other news, the baby's getting bigger day by day! She's already 6 months, unbelievably. And weaning is going VERY slowly. She really isn't all that keen, though typically if you're munching on something, she's desperate to grab it from you!

Last but not least, a quick message to all you fellow-bloggers out there - do you know how to back up your blog? Not only was I completely unaware that you could do this, I had no idea you even should! The lovely Carina at Carina's Craftblog will show you how here - go ahead and do it now, it's easy peasy!

Take care my lovelies, have a good week x


  1. Hallo Chloe!How are you?Love your crafts!I knit to!Have a great October month!

    1. Hey Dimi, good thanks! What are you knitting? Time to start wrapping up warm here!

  2. My iPad really doesn't like your blog, but I have just found a way to view it more easily. I have to view in the classic view and it works, phew. I like to reply to my comments and now I have found a way. Thanks for you comment! I love books. Your mittens look really complicated but will be ace when you have finished. Sarah x

    1. Glad you figured it out :-) Now I've got my head round it, it's not that difficult knitting on 5 needles, just 10 times more likely to knock stitches off the ends!

  3. I love knitting in the round. Once you'll get used to it... especially for big projects with a lot of titches:) Good luck with the blanket!


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