Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bargain sewing finds

Ooh, the thrifting goddess was smiling on me today! I noticed a charity sale in the town hall today so popped in with Milly and these little bundles of yumminess were calling out from one overloaded table...

A lovely old tin

A pretty lidded basket and a lovely tin full of BUTTONS!
A sweet little leather needle case

Full of old needles

and more needles

and more

Plus this pretty tin! It's not as big as it looks here
 There were lots of other bits and bobs in the basket too, and I bought the whole lot, buttons and all, for a fiver!!

Jude thinks I'm bragging, but I just wanted to share my thrifting joy with you! :-)

Milly was given a little Lion King book, which she is really pleased with. Funnily enough, her sister is off to see a performance of The Lion King with her Granny at the weekend. She wants to go dressed as Snow White - don't ask me why....


  1. Hallo Chloe!I always enjoy reading your post!I love all the things you bye from the charity!All looks so beautiful!I loved the little leather needle case!Wish you a happy week!

    1. I'm so pleased with my haul! Milly's been having fun with the buttons too :-) Always lovely to read your comments Dimi x

  2. A brilliant thrifting find! The needle case and the picture are gorgeous...and a girl can never have too many buttons! ;)


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