Monday, 22 October 2012

An early birthday present! Warning: there are LOTS of photos!

Well, we had a great weekend away; Jessie saw the Lion King in Bristol with Granny and it was amazing - she hasn't stopped singing the songs since... We went to the Museum in Stratford Park which was as stunning as ever

 where there just happened to be an extraordinary installation in the courtyard of fossils - one of which was a knitted trilobyte!!! How often do you get to see one of them??

 And inside was just as spectacular as there was an exhibition of Andy Goldsworthy's early work...

As you can see, I found it hard to stop taking pictures! I like the fact he is a 'Professor at Large'!

Milly had fun attacking us all with a 'docadile'

and got lovely a new knitted hat (a charity shop find, of course!)

Tula had a tussle with a tiger

The best thing of all, however, was an early birthday present from my printer father-in-law

 an Adana letterpress!!!!! !!!! !!!!

And lots of bits and bobs

So I'm going to have to dust off this box of old type

And clear out this shed...

And get printing!!!!!!!

 As you can probably tell from the unjustifiable number of exclamation marks in the previous sentence I am thrilled beyond measure, and am just itching to get going on it... he even gave me everything I need to get started, so it's damnably frustrating today that my utterly gorgeous baby girl is refusing to have her usual daytime 3-hour nap whilst the other two are at school/nursery. 

AAAAAARRRRGH!!! I just want to play with my new toy!!!

And here's a prettier picture to leave you with on this grey Monday morning in Cornwall...

Have a great week! x

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah wooow weee! I can imagine how excited you were to get it...I've been hankering after one for ages! How exciting! I can't wait to see what you make with it!! I love Ady Goldsworthy's work too, it stunning. Take care and have fun playing with your new toy!...and please can I can a play with your toy once you've figured it all out..? pretty please! x


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