Monday, 20 August 2012

Woodland walk on a wet day

Lovely morning walk despite the endlessly grey skies. 

Seems like a long time since I was among trees. All the colours are so vivid after rain, the blackness of the branches like strange hieroglyphs against the leaves and moss hugged trunks. 

Then we stopped for food on the way back, and the sun shone brilliantly again while we ate! Magic.

Have a good week x


  1. Fantastic landscape! Wonderful place! Τhe babies are gorgeous! The dogy is the same with my brother in Melbourne! Her name is Gemma! I traveled with you today!Have a happy week my friend!Greetings from Athens! DIMI.

  2. Hi Dimi! Thanks for your lovely comment! Glad you enjoyed our walk!! Our collie is called Lucky, he's the nicest dog I've ever met :-)

  3. Hello Chloe, I enjoyed this walk with you. Taking walks in the woods is one of my favorite things to do. BTW, you asked if you could pin my moon shot, sure no problem. Happy Sunday!


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