Thursday, 23 August 2012

A little mending & return to Eden

Another sunny visit to the beautiful Eden Project!

It's such a wonderful place any time of year, but particularly so with all the flowers in full bloom! There is always lots for kids to do too; this visit included the making of a beautifully decorated moustache for each of the girls, inspired by the Lorax. Luckily my sister who has been staying with us for a few days was able to help out which made everything much easier!

Not long ago I mentioned I was mending an old chair the children use, and here is a pic of the finished patch

More of Milly's long-armed stick figures on the etch-a-sketch in the background - a recent charity shop find!

Pretty soon it'll need some more mending, but I'm pleased with my first efforts! I think the chair was made in the 60's and it was in fairly good condition when we rescued it from a skip, but with much use the fabric has started to shred in a few places, the worst being the edge of the seat which had stuffing spilling out of it. The material I chose at random (it almost chose itself as it just happened to be lying around nearby, freed from my stash for some reason) but works quite well as the leaves echo the pattern of the original fabric.

Another recent charity shop find was two hand-crocheted blankets for the bargain price of £1.50, one of which has several moth-holes in which I thought I must be able to do something with. I actually spotted them in a bag as they'd just been brought in and not even priced up yet, and very cheekily asked to see them! I'm glad I did as the holey one would probably have been rejected for sale otherwise.

the good one!
not so good!

I've started by just trying to darn the holes, but it looks pretty crappy - my darning skills are not my strength :-) Then I thought perhaps I might continue darning anyway, but embellish the patches somehow, maybe with a little embroidery. Whatever I do, I want it to look mended: it's important to me that the mending becomes part of the story of this blanket - that's why I chose such an obviously different wool, actually three colours entwined to echo the different mixed threads of the original crochet. Progress report to follow....

"We'll still love you Mum even if you can't darn for toffee!"

Happy Thursday y'all xx


  1. Lovely landskapes you have in Cornwall!My favorite are the sunflowers!!Your liitle ones, are amazind!Give my kisses to them!Have a nice weekend my dear! Dimi...

    1. Thanks Dimi! Everything looks better with a bit of sunshine! Have a great weekend too x

  2. lucky bird in the thrift shop, you!
    but this eden project... that is nearby where you live, in cornwall, isn't it? so, is this an all inclusive project, could you send me a link to it?

    1. Click on Eden Project in the post, it should take you to the website: it's an amazing place, built in an old quarry with two huge biodomes containing whole mini-versions of Tropical rainforest and the Mediterranean. We're very lucky to live so close to it!


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