Thursday, 23 August 2012

♥ Liebster award! ♥

I'm ridiculously thrilled to have been nominated for a Liebster Award!!! 
Thank you Olympia for nominating me :-)

According to the rules I have to tell you 11 things about myself and nominate another 11 blogs which each have under 200 followers so......

  1. Reading Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy (All the Pretty Horses, the Crossing, Cities of the Plain) made me cry.
  2. I suffer from vertigo to the extent that even ladders frighten me.... conversely, I LOVE air travel: being in a plane, particularly in turbulence, is thrilling!
  3. Almost everything I own is second-hand: Sunday morning carbooting with a purse full of coins is one of my greatest pleasures.
  4. Champagne is my favourite drink, but I very rarely get the chance to drink it! At the moment I have to make do with home-made Elderflower bubbly ;-)
  5. I took my driving test three times before I passed... my instructor was so frustrated by my nerves letting me down when he knew I could do better he even paid for one test himself! (I failed)
  6. My dream job would be to travel the world taking landscape photos with a really flashy camera: the best country I've visited so far has to be Morocco, for its' beautiful architecture and scenery. 
  7. I used to smoke, despite being hospitalised twice with asthma... I quit when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter and haven't touched a ciggy since.
  8. I used to collect rust. The Welsh coast around Cardiff was a particularly rich source of rusty old junk, which was useful when I studied there as I used it to make collages and scanned bits of it to turn into prints.
  9. I used to regularly win the competition at my junior school designing the poster advertising the annual school fair: the prize was always a book token. One book I remember buying with this token was 'The Rats of NIMH'.
  10. My mum died when I was two. She was only 27. Oddly this is the age that a number of musicians have died including my hero Jimi Hendrix along with Kurt Cobain, Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and the artist Jean-Paul Basquiat, amongst others. They are popularly known as 'The 27 Club'.
  11. I can't swim. The only thing I can do in the water is the 'Trying Not To Drown' stroke. It's very inelegant.

Phew! And now for the blogs I'd like to nominate:

  1. Gracie at Grace and Mending
  2. Hoola Tallulah
  3. Susan Christiansen at Flying Dog Studio Design
  4. Nicole at Verde Mama
  5. Dee Mallon at Dee Mallon and Cloth Company
  6. Amy Woodruff at Daughter of the Sun
  7. Little Dotty Bird
  8. Tiny Woolf
  9. Peggy at Woman with Wings
  10. Norma at The FairyyellowbugQueen
  11. Deborah Purdy at While I Was Waiting

I think I need a little lie down now.



  1. Congratulations Chloe!
    The 'trying not to drown' stroke made me laugh, this is what I do too! Haha! :)

  2. Thanks Evi! Maybe we should go 'swimming' together one day!! That really would be funny xx

  3. lovely to read up on you being you. the rust part is very interesting! also, i never knew this, but heard on the radio amy w. was 27, was she? sorry to read about your mum though. hope you grew up in the best company nonetheless...

    i want to thank you for your kindness in nominating my blog. it's just a humble place, and feels it doesn't deserve, really, such attention... but thank you so much.
    i will try and do my bestest best to meet with its implications, but i fear time will get the better of me, if you know what i mean.
    if and when i succeed in naming 11 and so on, you will be the first one to know.

    1. Hi Woolfie! Glad you enjoyed my list!! Yep, Amy is in the 27 club too - strange isn't it? Good luck with those 11 blogs, it is rather a lot isn't it? I think your blog is lovely xx


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