Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Giant chicken alert!

Recently there was a story broadcast on national radio regarding a lion on the rampage through deepest darkest Essex. 

Seeing as the lion is not native to the British Isles, a massive operation was set in motion involving armed officers and two police helicopters using heat-seeking equipment and nearby caravanners were evacuated for safety.

Turned out the savage beast was a fluffy tomcat called Teddy Bear.
The wife of the man who reported the sighting quietly admitted that the cat was "quite far away".

A case of mistaken perspective...



  1. So funny story!!Im still laugh╬╣ng!!Be weel my friend!Love chickens!!She looks so big....Have a lovely night!!!

    1. Brilliant, isn't it? Glad you liked it xx The broom by the way is a miniature one - Gertie is a normal-sized chicken I assure you!

  2. Ah that's a great story
    certainly made me smile this evening!!!


    1. I love stories like this, makes listening to the news much more enjoyable than the usual gloom!

  3. I live in Essex I was worried for a while! How on earth did he mistake a cat for a lion, I mean come on...
    Thanks for all your comments on my blog, I couldn't find how to comment on your because my iPad doesn't like scrolling through your posts it doesn't work properly for some reason.

    1. I know, hilarious isn't it!! You'd have thought if it had been a lion someone would have noticed it missing, surely? Glad you made it over here :-)


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