Friday, 24 August 2012

A quiet day

Still knitting the white afghan for Granny; only two more strips to go before I start sewing it together! I haven't quite worked out how I will block each strip before I sew them: perhaps they will be pinned to the sofa overnight...

Reading 'The Blind Assassin' by Margaret Atwood - easily one of the best books I've read lately: unsurprisingly it was the Booker Prizewinner in 2000. Slightly disconcertingly there is a very piercing portrait of the author inside the front cover which catches you by surprise every now and then: she looks very nice, but slightly challenging, as if daring you to find fault with her words.

Baking bread. We've run out of store-bought so I've got the bread-maker going: it makes a very reassuring noise in the kitchen which is quite comforting on a grey & wet day. Plus freshly baked bread is clearly a winner on any day.

Slightly belatedly joining the yarn along at Small Things :-)

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  1. interesting remark on the blind assassin... i've got it in a removal box somewhere, not having read it yet; i now could just go ahead and start it, but i can't find it...
    i'll keep this in mind when i do! i love atwood, by the way.


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