Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sweet William

Jude's middle name is William and his mum has a special fondness for Sweet Williams because of this. So here's both my sweet Williams! The flowers I sowed from seed last year and, being biennials, completely forgot about them until they unexpectedly flowered this year. They have the most fantastic, vivid colour and the flowers last for weeks, both on the plant and when cut to bring indoors.

I rarely go up to the allotment these days, even though it's only a couple of metres from the house: there's so much that needs doing up there that I find it all quite depressing. All my time is spent with Tula, doing housework, or knitting. I feel a huge amount of guilt about seeing plants that I've grown from seed being neglected (by me), so it's enormously encouraging to see that some things are doing just fine by themselves with no help from me at all!

Jude's decided to do some work on the LandRover, having found that the bulkhead is rusted (this means NOTHING to me, except that it must equal 'not good'): the workmanlike attire should inspire confidence, but is somehow offset by the vaguely worrying frown  - seeing as he's reading the manual of the car he's already taken to pieces...

One LandRover, missing most of, well everything as far as I can see...
This is what the driver's side looks like inside! Yikes - I wouldn't even know how the steering wheel goes back on!

Although I have every confidence in Jude's abilities, I can't help but feel slightly worried that the single most expensive thing we own is currently in pieces...

So let's look at the lovely flowers again instead!!

Another little flower, quietly getting bigger!

tbc :-/


  1. Ahh don't worry about the garden, I learned they get on with it, albeit somewhat scruffily, it's hard work living the good life with one little one, never mind three. Your blog is delightful, loving it, can't wait to read more. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello, so glad it led me here :) Happy weekending

    1. So glad you dropped by, nice to find you too! We seem to have lots in common :-) Have a lovely weekend yourself x


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