Friday, 15 June 2012

Baby swallows have arrived!

Aw - look at those hungry little mouths all lined up for mum to feed!

Barn swallows feed their young up to 400 times a day! And there's me feeling a bit knackered after Tula's 3 hourly feeds... We have swallows coming back every year from their journey to Africa to breed in our sheds - one of the great benefits of living next to a farm. Our kitchen is next to this shed and as there's no insulation in the roof you can hear the constant chatter of the birds outside. This morning I stuck my head in the door to check out the nest as usual and was greeted by a raucous cheeping, followed by silence and ducked heads as they realised I wasn't their mum!

It is always a welcome sign of spring to see the returning birds frolicking in the air, they seem to have a huge capacity for play and are wonderfully agile in flight, twisting and flipping in the air to catch insects on the wing. They are also the fastest songbirds, flying as fast as 46mph!

Got to go and feed my baby now :-)


  1. cor blimey they have MASSIVE mouths! I get house martins swooping at me when I go in the store shed, they've got a nest somewhere in there! Stopped to watch a baby chaffinch trying to fly this morning on the way to school, I had to stop the car while it slowly got the hang of taking off in the middle of the road! Sooo cute! Will come by and see you next week! x

  2. Just imagine if human babies were like that! Terrifying!! :-)


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