Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Knitted Sampler Blanket

Well, the knitting is progressing, despite some hiccups along the way...

Oops - spot the accidental knit-not-purl row!

I had hoped to get finished - haha - by the end of June for MIL's birthday, but I'm just a few squares short! Like about 80... Also the finished size will be smaller than the pattern suggests because I er, forgot to do some on the first column... at least it wasn't the third!!

All thirteen squares so far!

So it will now probably be nine squares by eight (or maybe not!)


As you might have guessed by the unusual number of pics I've posted, I'm rather pleased with my efforts! Here are some of the trickier, but very satisfying cable squares:

Cables and twists

There are a few errors in the square I'm working on, but I've just been ignoring them. Maybe there's some way of sewing it up at the end to disguise these? I found the instructions for this pattern particularly incomprehensible at first (tw2l, anyone??) and almost chose an alternative instead, but I'm so pleased with myself for just getting on with it, because it actually turned out fine, despite the mistakes, even though it seemed so weird at first.

Sea wall and Cobbles
The sampler pattern is one I'm following from Debbie Abrahams book "Blankets and Throws to Knit" and the instructions are really easy to follow except for the increase rows of both cable squares I've tried so far, which don't appear to have the right number of stitches, so I've had to make it up to the right number by just adding in random stitches!

It's a shame I don't have a knitting granny to consult; perhaps I should join a knitting group, though I find the idea slightly frightening... not sure why, maybe I just don't see myself as a Knitter, in the same way I would never call myself an Artist or Photographer: they're all different facets of my personality at different times.



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