Sunday, 24 June 2012

Callington Murals

At some point someone in this town near where I live decided to invest a lot of time and money decorating various walls around the town with wonderful murals. They're everywhere! The curious one of the Bakery is my favourite, and maybe one of the best bits of street art I've seen (and I'm quite passionate about the subject).

There's also a fantastic flying fox in the playground which the girls LOVE!

As an added bonus, there was a sale on in one of the two charity shops: all clothing £1! Jude found an ace jacket & I picked up some bits n bobs to use for patchwork. The other big expense was £2 for these five books... that should keep me going for a week or so :-)

Happy bargain-hunting all!

(the pics are all a bit jumbled themselves, sorry!)


  1. What wonderful murals! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great aren't they? I wouldn't get anywhere on time if I lived there!

  3. Wow, those murals are absolutely incredible. Glad to hear the thrifty gods were on side, always love a good bit of charity shop hunting!

    1. Wish they'd sort the blimmin weather out so a bit more car booty-thrifting could happen! ;-)

  4. Those murals are great!! I once got paid to paint a mural on the side of a brick building next to a greenhouse that I worked at, but they didn't get the city's permission first and had to paint over it a year later (even thought it was on the greenhouse property) :(. Still, it was great at the time to get paid to spend time creating, and still my only paid artwork to date.

  5. That's bureaucratic idiocy at it's most pathetic don't you think? Someone creates art for everyone's benefit only to have it removed simply because the correct procedure wasn't followed!! Have you got pictures of it? Love to see it - you must have been gutted :-(

  6. I love the Murals they are fantastic , thankyou for showing us themx


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