Friday, 3 February 2012

A zillion threads!

I wanted to share this lucky charity shop find with you - five boxes of threads all carefully sorted onto plastic widgits for the princely sum of £20! Although that is a phenomenal amount for me to spend on a single purchase I feel it is justified by the sheer glorious quantity of colours I now have for all my future projects.

I've been collecting thread for the last few years, mostly from car boots: usually they are like this, all carefully wrapped round cereal box spindles (fruit n fibre seems a common choice) so now finally I can transfer my tinful of these scraps to

this gorgeous spread, and then finally into their new, carefully organised home, where I'll be able to find and use them when I finally get going on all my future plans :)

I still have this stash as backup for when I get through the boxfuls!

There is something so joyful about such an array of colours. I also love the fact that someone worked so hard to put all of these threads into order and that they've come into my hands and will be cared for in exactly the same way. It represents for me what is missing from my own background; a history of women passing down their skills and knowledge to their children, and what is sadly missing from so many people's lives these days. I guess that is why there always seems to be waves of interest in hand-made goods as people periodically rediscover the value of creating objects with their own hands in this age of mass consumerism.

Happy days!


  1. hooray for handmade indeed! Love the rainbow of colours too, what an amazing find! Its so satifying to see things in order! What a huge effort they must have gone to, they are even labelled, I love knowing that such thought has gone into something, i wonder what fabulous artwork they used to make!? You are so spot on about the importance and beauty of skills we are taught by our mothers and grandmothers. It feels to me that "modern life" has become so fast paced and crazy that we are missing the point. We need a SLOW revolution. In a (western) world of instant gratification, there is so much to be rediscovered in the detail and process of making and doing using our hands. Love your crochet blanket from your last post. See ya soon bird x

  2. ooh and talking of slow, i'm off to scoff some rice pudding thats been in the Aga for the last 3 hours...yummm midnight munchies!

  3. Dammit gonna have to brave the freeze n get me some cereal now... even tho it's 4:30 am :( isn't pregnancy insomnia fantastic.. Amazing find isn't it? Like you say, so meticulously ordered: I just can't see many people taking such time over detail these days. Got a lot of stitching to do! x

  4. A happy day indeed - a great find!

  5. My husband thinks I'm weird cos I'll get the boxes down every now and then just to gaze at the contents!

  6. wow look at that! And it comes so organized :-)

  7. I know, that's what I was so impressed by - someone spent a LONG time sorting these out!


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