Friday, 3 February 2012

marvellous motherhood

It's funny how pregnancy for me seems to be one unfunny fat joke after another: as soon as the nausea subsides, the pelvic girdle pain kicks in closely followed by horrendous insomnia. Add to the blend of raging hormones a good dose of bleeding gums, heartburn and good ole varicose veins and you wonder what the hell women put ourselves through this for. Oh yeah: to spend the rest of our days, feeding, cleaning, clothing, nagging and worrying over the little bundles of joy that result.

My I'm full of the joys of motherhood tonight.

Yet we all had a lovely day in the sun today with very few cross words (read screaming tantrums) between the girls for a change.

Don't get me wrong, I love my girls; they have saved me in so many ways and honestly I feel so absolutely blessed by the miracle of their existence, their beauty and intelligence: they fill me with joy with their funny comments and random kindnesses.

It's bloody hard work though.


  1. I hear ya! I''ve said it many times before about my little en's that they bring out the very best and worst in me and since becoming a mother I have felt whole new levels of love, hapinness and contentment and crazy sleep deprived madness and its certainly a mixed bag! but , like you, i wouldnt chage it for the world! x

  2. Well me neither, but considering Jude and I only got together 3 months before I first got pregnant, I do sometimes wonder how different our lives would be if we'd had just a little - teeny tiny - bit more time together before I became the unbrushed sleep-deprived zombie slow-moving pregnant lady mountain I am today :/ My dad rang me at 9pm the other day when I was in the bath & all I could think was that some disaster must have happened cos we're usually in bed by then - honestly!

  3. nice reflections on mothering... I remember thinking that 9 months was just a wee bit too long... seeing your girls snipping and painting makes me miss the times when my guys were that age.

  4. Hi Dee - it's easy to forget just how quickly the time does actually pass when you're in the midst of the nappies and chaos and noise: sometimes I do have to make a conscious effort to recognise this and enjoy it :)


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