Saturday, 18 February 2012

happy crappy scrappy

Chopped my hair off this morning. Ha! Looks a bit silly, but feels so much better. First thing Jude said was 'So you going to the hairdressers now to sort it out?' Pregnant women shouldn't really be allowed near sharp scissors in a hair crisis.

Last of the sun-bleached tresses
Jessie was four on Wednesday and has been having great fun with her presents. My parents bought her a keyboard with hundreds of noises on it, so she loves that. We splashed out on a little camera for here which she is thrilled by, though she can't quite figure out that the pictures she takes is what shows on the screen....

She spends a lot of time just randomly pointing at things and clicking the button whilst looking elsewhere!

We've all been horribly ill lately - me especially, like I need anything else to make me grumpier - with a particularly vicious cold which has literally had me by the throat for the last few weeks. I sound quite like a less smiley Mariella Frostrup. I spent the whole of yesterday in bed (thanks Jude) so I feel slightly more human today.

Bought a new (old) car at the weekend. Jude is continuing his happy bachelor tradition of buying crappy old cars and scrapping them a few months later. He can't even remember how many he's been through, whereas I had my trusty Golf for years, though it was decidedly worse for wear by the end with more than a few dents and a mouse living in it - I kid you not.

The quilt is coming along - three squares pieced now:

I spent some time today scratching through my scraps as I was starting to worry about not having enough material.... I think I might have enough after all.

Though now I need to spend a few hours checking through it and ironing so I can see what's actually there. The squares inbetween the ladders will be plain white, but I had originally thought it'd be nice to applique old embroidery scraps onto these:

BUT after frisking the house I can't find the damn stash of old linens I had in mind.

Granny and Grandad are coming down tomorrow to celebrate Jess and Jude's birthdays so we'll all go out for a nice meal somewhere.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)


  1. Your hair really suits you like that! How liberating to cut it off! Happy birthday to Jess, hope you have a fab day tomorrow , will catch you in the week x

  2. Thanks bird! It's great to have all that weight off my head... not that it was really long, just now it feels all bouncy and light :) See you soon xx

  3. I have cut my own hair for years... think of the money you'll save.. and that style really lends itself to self-care. Just have hubby even off the back for you. Camera and Jessie are AdoRaBLe!! (I so wish we had digital cameras when my guys were little!!!) Hope you are feeling much, much better.

  4. Thanks Dee, but no way am I letting Jude near my locks!! Digital cameras are a blessing and a curse: the ease of snapping away is great, especially for kids (also for remembering how to put patchwork puzzles back together!) but I find it a nightmare having to sift through them all deciding which to keep or print... I'm looking forward to seeing the world from Jess' perspective though!


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