Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New beginnings

I've been obsessed with these colours for a while now

so I put them together at last in a scribble

 then added some scrap/thrifted material

 to make this

 then these followed

 added a little white

and so far the colour demon has been satisfied with my labours...
...don't know yet quite how big, or who for, but it's definitely something quilty....

Mil's been busy with colour too

  and Big Sis started school this week

and is very very pleased with herself!

and I'm missing my not-so-very-little girl :-(


  1. Hallo Chloe!Wow ,i love it!!Lovely colors!!Here the schools are starting next week!I wish all the best for your little girl!Have a grate Thursday my dear!

  2. Jess looks so big there next to Millie! Other peoples kids always appear to grow up so fast! Love the quilt...still something I've yet to try...I'm making lots of curtains at the mo..(well I'm supposed to be, actually I'm just faffing about too long at the computer...ahem...I better go! )xxxxx

    1. Are they more of those see-throughy ones with birds and wotnot? I can imagine there being a big demand for their shimmery loveliness. Every time I sit down to sew I think 'I'll just check my emails' then have a peek at Pinterest and suddenly an hour's gone and not a stitch to be seen.... just another million projects I want to do! x


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