Monday, 10 September 2012

A (mumble, mutter) lovely (grimace) giveaway

I don't want to tell you about this giveaway because I WANT TO WIN, but I am anyway cos I'm nice like that, see? (Plus I get an extra chance to win if I blog about it >cheesy grin<)

Hop on over to Hoola Tallulah's blog for a chance to win a Skitchbook! A glorious concoction to keep all your sewing kit in for on-the-go stitching!

The original post can be found here

..or don't, I don't mind!! Just have a look at the other lovely posts instead xxx




  1. Hi Chloe!

    It looks great and I hope you win.

    I don't know how to thread a needle
    I am so bad at sewing.

    My sewing kit is a freebie I got in a hotel room
    and I have never used it (blush blush)!

    Have a great week.

    ~ Fiona

  2. Can you tell I quite like this?!
    Do you know, before I had children I hated sewing with a vengeance: couldn't even be bothered to fix anything let alone sew 'for fun' and then two years ago a friend passed a sewing machine on to me and I've kind of gone crazy on it!
    I'm in the middle of making two patchwork quilts at the moment, one sewn completely by hand, the other very quickly (and not very well!) on the machine... it's very satisfying to create something from scratch - even if it is a bit rubbish!!

  3. Good luck i wish you dear Chloe!You have an award to picup!!Have a great week!

    1. Dimi, thanks so much, I really appreciate it! And it's really funny because you called my blog "Mad Pies" instead of "Mud Pies", which I think is an improvement!! Love Chloe xx

  4. I apologize for my mistake,i change it!!Have a nice day!

    1. Don't worry, I thought it was very funny!! And I promise I'll pick the award up soon!! xx

  5. Thank you for visiting me, Chloe! - it took a few clicks to find your blog, but I'm glad I found your cute stitchbook! Since I'm painting, writing, and knitting - I've no more time for sewing! And the Mad Pies - I love the typo:):)

    1. It's not mine yet!! All my fingers are crossed though ;-) I'm a bit like that too, got so many projects on the go I hardly know what I'm doing sometimes...


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