Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Freecycle gold for all!

Went to pick up a load of crockery from a lovely chap through Freecycle today and am now the proud owner of yet more pretty china teacups! I could host my very own WI meeting now :-) Jude is quietly weeping in bewilderment at the range of (as he sees it) utterly pointless crap I manage to infest our cupboards with.

All but one of the slightly mis-matching saucers are blank underneath except for one which has my old mate Meakin stamped on it. I reckon someone must have loved this pattern so much they collected it however it came! There were two other sets with very kitsch patterns but I didn't dare even wash them up: they've gone directly to a friend who will hopefully turn them into mosaic artworks. Milly has absorbed the rest into an ongoing tea/soup-pouring workshop outside!

Each cup has a careful sprinkling of sand in the bottom!
Oh and the whole lot came in an old tin bath exactly like I used to play in as a child! Of course I'll be forcing mine to do the same in order to vicariously re-live my own childhoood...

The skies have cleared after a day of rain and intermittent sunshine, and somehow everything feels a bit lighter today :-)



  1. I'm laughing as you describe Jude
    because he is a carbon copy of my husband
    wondering why I'm collecting junk (as he sees it - but treasure to me)!!

    Great to see the tea games in the garden!


    xx Fiona

    1. Treasure indeed! Funny isn't it how it seems to be a universal thing amongst men? Surely there must be a carbooting King out there: I suppose they'd probably collect rusting spanners or something we'd find equally ridiculous!!

  2. Men just don't get it do they? I found a whole pile of Liberty fabrics this summer, 3m of each print, £1 a piece, it was like the most incredible carbooty gold ever, and he just mumbled about me having enough fabric already. If I were a cartoon character, steam would have come out of my ears and my eyes would roll crazily in my head. So, I realise I am ranting now, and honestly I am actually a bit drunk, I just wanted to say - I am so god damn delighted for you and sharing the freecyle love! Amen

    1. Now I have thrift & booze envy!! They haven't a clue - and what's so infuriating is that he insists on coming with me to the carboot each time, yet complains if I buy anything - for exactly the same reason "you already have [insert article of choice teacups/blankets/fabric/knitting needles &c] already" That's NOT the point! There is no such thing as enough!!! xx

    2. Yes, mine does exactly this. I wish I could drive, if only to go carbooting alone, the very idea of carbooting without kids and man makes me feel quite dreamy. I agree, never enough of all of above, and some.

  3. Lovely teacups Chloe!All mens are the same!!Do what ever please you dear!
    Thanks for your visit!Have a lovely evening!

    1. Thanks Dimi! I'm looking forward to the first of many cups of tea!! You're right about men, and yes, he usually gets ignored - which is why we live in a house FULL of STUFF!!! If Jude had his way we'd have beds and cutlery and not much more....


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