Monday, 21 November 2011

Patchwork cushion



All finished! That's another pressie crossed off my list.... just a few more to go. Next up is a cowl-neck scarf OR a headband, I can't decide.

Both patterns are free downloads, but the headband looks a bit more of a challenge! I have only ventured tentatively out of the scarf knitting box, and that was to make a little bag, which to be fair, was also square, so I'm hardly out of beginner needles yet. Still it's good to stretch yourself a little!


  1. The cushion looks gorgeous! I still cant believe how quickly youve got to grips with the sewing machine, you're amazing! The headband looks cool! What day you wanna come round? Thursday maybe? It turned out that I cant get anyone to watch jame and pick up mya so cant do the sewing thing after all :( I'll give her a ring anyway to find out about what she does. cheers bird x

  2. Thanks honey! Now you can see just how much you changed my life with the sewing machine :D xx Shame about sewing thing, but she'll understand...Turdday any good for you? x

  3. You're doing better than I with the Christmas shopping list! The cushion looks fabulous; I really like your choice of fabrics.

  4. Thanks Karen! I wanted it to be comforting and tactile as it's for my sis who has been through a rough time lately.... all the fabric (apart from the peacock blue which was a coat) was scrap material from the local scrapstore, destined otherwise for landfill. That's why some of the birds are a bit mutilated on the front :(

  5. Just wanted to say a BIG thankyou for all your lovely support and kind words youve given me about my sewing endeavours. Its very motivating to have good feedback. Glad you like the headbands, they did look rather fab on you!
    cheers bird x
    (I'm in the process of mkaing 3 owls and a "fat" owl at the mo!...with the odd bit of computer faffing mixed in)

  6. You're so welcome! You know how much I love your stuff :D xxx


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