Thursday, 29 November 2012

Painty, stitchy glueyness....

Oooh, it's been awfully stitchy, painty and gluey round here lately in preparation for Milly's monster party this weekend. This lovely fellow has been hanging around our hall waiting for "Pin the Eye on the Monster":

He's made out of a piece of MDF painted by me with acrylic paint and then cut out by Jude.... here are the eyes:

They're machine-stitched out of fabric scraps from my stash and then glued onto cardboard. At one point the kitchen was covered with eyes on every surface:

They have a strip of double-sided sticky tape on the back so the kids can take turns sticking their eyes onto the Monster. And here are the party bags which are finally finished.... with a little help from my lovely friends (thanks Dotty!)

Each one was hand-stitched onto soft cotton bags which I made out of an old bedsheet, until I ran out of time and lovely Dotty ran them through the machine for me, being slightly more nimble with an electric needle than me. This was the prototype:

And this one's my favourite (I'm keeping him for myself!):

Also been making pressies for other kids: this is a cute little bag for a girl called Molly out of some great soft cord fabric I found in a charity shop recently:

I appliqued the M blanket-stitching it in place with embroidery thread.

And her card:

A few weeks ago I knocked up this little bag of marbles for another girl (see a trend developing here?):

And that's it for now, next post I'll show you Milly's homemade monster outfit....



  1. Ηallo Chloe!Cute little monsters!I love them!Hope you are fine!Wishing you a lovely weekend!

    1. Sorry for the slow reply Dimi! Hope you're keeping well xx


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