Friday, 8 February 2013


A finished quilt top (despite promising myself not to start anything new till the damn blanket's finished - gah!) This is the Sunshine Quilt, which I've promised to Milly, as she's next in line for one despite it's huge size. Also finished the back for it as well, so now I just need to go and buy the middle!! And I've decided to quilt it with simple diagonal rows, so hopefully I'll get it finished pretty quickly. 

We all went to Jessie's school this afternoon to see her receive a WOW (Worker of the Week) award which she is very proud of :-D The certificates are handed out every Friday to those children who have excelled in some way during that week and this is Jess's third. Her teacher said that she has been particularly impressed with Jess this week, and it's great that they are encouraging the kids to value positive attributes like kindness and helpfulness along with the usual academic stuff. Of course it vanishes as soon as she's back home with Milly...... bicker, bicker bicker!! Poor Jude, having to put up with all of us girls! 

On a slightly gloomier note, Jude's back home as his great new job seems to have fizzled out. Long story but basically the company he's been working for seem to be incapable of running their business effectively, and have lost a couple of jobs which he was meant to have been working on - and to cap it off, haven't made any effort to communicate with him about it. He's very depressed to be back at square one, signing on, when he thought that this was going to be good for years. I'm trying to encourage him to look at this time positively, to get things done in the allotment, but he is very down.

So, we're getting through the days as best we can. Brighter news is that the latest hen in our flock, Lottie, found wandering on our track last week, is settling in well with the others - she's the pretty Rhode Red (I think) with the red/orange head and neck above. She's living in the greenhouse until the other girls get a bit more used to her, and she's already given us a few eggs, which I turned into fairy cakes for Jess to take to school  -  must make more this weekend for us!!

I've realised that I'm going to be 40 this year, which was quite a shock, as I don't think of myself as being a proper adult, but 40 seems pretty seriously grown-up so I guess I have to accept it now. So anyway, as my birthday will be in deepest darkest winter I've decided that I'm going to go all Queenie and have TWO birthdays this year and celebrate in style with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party in June!!! Yay!! And invite all my far-flung friends to come and push me over the hill. I've already started collecting china for it....... any excuse for more pretty old china teacups!! You can hear Jude sighing in the background I'm sure. Can you believe he threw not one, but TWO disco balls into a skip during the last job he did, clearing out an old bar.... I still haven't forgiven him. Not just for not recycling them on Freecycle, but not bringing them home for me!!!!

Here are the other two, chillin' on the sofa together...

Back to the knitting.....

Have a lovely weekend!!



  1. Adorei a colcha que acabaste. Muito linda ! E as fotos todas, assim também! Bons tricots e trabalhos! beijos,chica

  2. Well done Jessie
    Great work!

    Sorry to hear about Jude's job but hopefully something will turn up soon. It must be very disappointing for him.

    Love your 2 little cuties and the chickens (hens?) too of course.

    The quilt looks amazing.

    Happy weekend and I am sure you will have a great birthday or 2!


  3. Thank you Chica and Fiona! I'm really pleased with the quilt, I can't wait to finish it :-) And so very proud of Jess.... thank you for your kind words Fiona, I'm sure something will turn up for Jude. Fingers crossed.

  4. Dear Chloe,i'm sorry about Jued's job!I wish the best for him.I realy like your Sunshine Quilt,amazing colors!Congrats to Jessie!!She is a little princes!!Thanks my friend for your wishes on my blog!Many kisses to you and the little ones!Take care!

  5. Thanks Dimi, something will turn up soon for Jude I'm sure: it's quite nice to have him at home for a bit anyway! xxx

  6. I LOVE your scrappy, happy quilt! What a lovely mix of colors. I'm rarely brave enough to do a really scrappy quilt as I always want to control the colors. You've done a wonderful job of letting them be where and what they want to be. Well done.

    I'll look forward to hearing about your two birthdays. I dreaded turning 40, but my forties have actually been my best far!

  7. Hey, that's so encouraging, thanks for your comment Debbi! Do you know, as soon as I worked out that I really was 40 this year, all sorts of aches mysteriously appeared and I swear my hips have suddenly ballooned as well.... I think ignorance was a better state to be in! I did once spend a whole year thinking I was a year older than I really was...

  8. Wow, indeed!

    Sweet babies :)

    Mine are a little older (11-13) but I have a great-nephew who is 18 months old. I get to baby him. :)


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