Monday, 14 January 2013


Yes! We finally had some sunny days at last.... We made the most of it, spent a lot of Sunday at the beach with all the other smiley folk and their dogs liberated from their rained-in indoors lives... Jess had her first go on a proper bike without stabilisers which I'd picked up a few weeks back on Freecycle and was full of her achievement! Milly also had fun scooting about on the little bike outside for a change (she normally cycles through the house). And I spent a good hour knitting in the sun while Tula snoozed in the car. Win win! 

A stray ray of sun striking my heart!
I'm finally at the stage of sewing the long strips of blanket together using mattress stitch. It's a very slow process so I'm glad I still have a little knitting left to do for when the novelty has worn off. 

I'm quite pleased with my progress so far; I don't mind the odd wobble, it's part of the joy of handmade, after all! It is a little frustrating that so much of the blanket is knitted purlwise because it is recommended that instead of picking up two stitches at a time from each side (as you would for a knitted side) it's best to pick every row, so obviously it will take twice as long! Still aiming for June...

And on a slightly random note, I was admiring this jar of macaroni in my larder the other day and wondering whether it might turn into something quilty... I love all those circles!

Have a good week! xx


  1. Hallo Chloe!I love your blanket !Your knitting is so beautiful!I hope you make something good with those makoronis!!Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment!A big kiss to your little one!!Take care!!By By!!

  2. It's really exciting now I'm coming to the end of making this blanket - I started it a year ago!! X


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