Saturday, 17 December 2011

The tree is up!

We had a second dash round Plymouth for the last couple of pressies yesterday afternoon and I sat next to a lovely lady on the bus back to the car park who quite rightly admonished me for not having put a tree up for the girls yet. She lightly touched my arm and said "Do it tomorrow". So...

The girls had great fun decorating it, and I resisted the urge to interfere as the tree proceeded to be dressed and undressed over the course of the afternoon/evening. I had to re-glue one bird beak but everything else has survived intact so far! We only have a titchy plastic one this year as we're not around for the whole break and it seems needlessly wasteful to have a live tree in an empty house, but I am glad I finally got round to it.

So that's it! Everything is wrapped, we even got stocking fillers for the girls which I'll wrap tonight, and cards are sent. The last thing I have to do is a table runner I decided to make at the last minute for Jude's mum which so far looks like this:

I'm not even that sure how to put it all together or what to back it with as I've never made one (or even used one) before - I'm guessing I should put some kind of batting in it. We shall see how it turns out - it wouldn't be a creation of mine if it wasn't slightly wonky! Plus, now I've seen it in bright light I'm not too sure about some of the colours....

One of my birthday treats was going out for dinner and a film with a friend to Plymouth Arts Centre: the food was lovely but the film we watched, The Future, was poor, despite a promising start with a few giggles from us (though we had had a glass of wine before the film started). It was a great venue, particularly because they allow you to take your drinks into the film with you - very civilised! I dressed up for it too:

Thought I'd also share a pic of the girls enjoying their costumes on Milly's birthday!

Happy holidays!


  1. love the costumes! weve got a little tree too..its on our window sill! Hope you have a fab christmas xx We are about on thursday if you fancy dropping by for a little mulled juice! x

  2. Raaa!!! Indeedy-doody, I just emailed you to say a visit was imminent! See you Thurs :) x

  3. brill x bring all the troops with ya too..we'll have some mulled things and nibblies and maybe dance a jig or two x

  4. Looks like you're all having lots of fun already! Have a great festive holiday time.


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